Introducing the GigLight & GigHub:

The Streetlights of the Future

The GigLight and GigHub designs are based on an internationally registered patented design, consisting of a host housing with the ability to provide power to an optional internal or external mounted streetlight, and to an internal POE (Power Over Ethernet) for the purpose of providing power and/or data to internal or external connected IoT devices. The housing uses any wireless telecommunication equipment to connect to each other and to the internet.

The POE sourcing device is provided inside a housing or light fixture to enable a communications interface and provide electrical and power to IoT devices such as cameras, rain sensors, chemical sensors, wireless data uplink units, and other power over Ethernet powered devices.

Providing Smart Solutions For…

Urban Communities

Rural Communities

University Campuses

Ways to Utilize the GigLight and GigHub

Wireless Computing


HD Video Surveillance

Air Quality Sensors

Traffic Signal Management

Police & Safety

Gunshot Sensors

Medial Superivsion & Alerts

Criminal Monitoring

And More!

Design & Functionality

The GigLight Network Hosting Platform Hub designs vary based on the application, desired equipment and environment of the deployment. The GigLight patented design incorporates military grade standards, and can endure hurricane size rain and winds, strong winter freezes, and dry desert heat.

The universal GigHub can attach to any existing streetlight and features customized slide and lock auxiliary mounts for easy future deployments of the latest IoT devices. All wire connections from the auxiliary mounts to the external POE ports are hidden by the outer shell covers. The initial installation of a universal GigHub with or without a LED streetlight takes the same amount of time to install as a typical streetlight. The wireless POE interface makes maintenance and software upgrades simple, quick, and very inexpensive to preform remotely.

The Hub contains the following components:

Multiple Data input options – Fiber Optics, Wi-Fi 2.4/5/6 GHz, 5G,4G,LTE Cellular modem, LTE, 5G, Optional LTE wireless.

40W to 650w watt Power Supply, 48~55vdc Input Voltage, Bluetooth capable, Conformal coated, Aluminum Extruded Housing IP65

GPS for remote tracking

(4) SFP+ Managed Ports for up to 10Gb/s data transfer per port- IEEE 802.3bt compliant, PSE:90W/Port, Overcurrent protected, ESD and surge protected, Reversed polarity protected

(2) SFP transceivers – Factory configurable, 1Gigabit Ethernet, 1Gb/s Fiber Channel

(2) SFP+ transceivers – Factory configurable, 10Gigabit Ethernet, 8.5Gb/s Fiber Channel

0-10VDC Dimming Remote controlled for Internal or External Hosted LED Lighting

DC voltage output – Current limited, Short circuit protected, Used to power external devices, Including 120-watt LED Light Strips

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